types of yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. It draws our attention to our physical postures, breathing techniques, and inward reflection to align your mind, body and soul.

There are hundreds of yoga postures, and several variations, which work to create a unique internal and external experience for each individual.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props such as bolsters, pillows, blankets, chairs, straps and blocks to help you achieve ideal poses. It is a fantastic practice when feeling fatigued and stressed that result from your daily activities or when experiencing challenging moments in life. The use of props makes it easier for you to maintain balance while holding the posture for an extended period of time. The practice is a gentle way to release tension and relax your mind and body.

Family Yoga

Explore yoga with your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or any beloved young one! This playful class will focus on standing poses, sun salutations, and some partner poses to encourage you all in your yoga journey. It is a healthy activity that creates bonds, and explores your internal child.

Children Yoga

Each class is designed for a specific age group and welcomes imagination and creativity to build confidence and self-esteem. Yoga poses are incorporated to stretch, strengthen, and improve the balance of young growing bodies. Mudras and breathing techniques are used to increase patience and reduce stress and anxiety.

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