About Me

Sheena Persaud

I'm Sheena, the founder of Yoga Beans Yoga, an approach to inspiring students of all ages to live a life of authenticity.

Forever a student of life, I share my passions through my playlist, book recommendations, yoga postures, culinary fun and so much more to inspire others to discover their creative outlets.

why i became a yoga teacher

In an ever-changing environment, my mat has always been a place that I can call home. In positive times, it allowed me to shine and grow. In negative times it gave me a chance to recover and reflect. Whatever the life circumstance that was occurring, my practice was a safe place for me to express myself. It is where I make most of my decisions and has improved my mind, body and soul. Teaching is my way of sharing my love, respect and belief in the effects of the practice and lifestyle.


I am registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance and have certifications in:

200 Hour

Cross-Disciplinary Program

100 Hour

HeartRise Children's Yoga Teacher Training Program

50 Hour

Subtle Energy Body Program

50 Hour

Restorative Yoga Program

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